We can sell your cars

The fee is 3% of the selling price but no less than 2000 EEK.

We offer following conditions: photos and advertising on our website in unoauto.ee and internet portal auto24.ee. The cars are stored in Kalda tee 27, Tartu. We also offer the presenting of the car and give advice in leasing and renting for our customers.

If the customer decides to cancel the sale, the advertising and storing fees of 10 EEK per day (but no less than 100 EEK) apply.

If the customer needs to use the car during the selling period, the car can be put on sale in UNO AUTO website and auto24.ee. In case the car cannot be sold, the advertising fee of 150 EEK per month applies. If the car is sold, the fee of 3% from the selling price (but no less than 2000 EEK) applies.